Heat and thermal expansion for gasket materials

Customer information

Metal Tech Industries was contacted by an industrial heating equipment manufacturer. Their boiler units are classified as professional-grade equipment, and accordingly require world-class components for long service life.

Challenges & recommendation

They were having durability issues with an unknown version of graphite, and were hopeful that our metal-reinforced gasket materials would be able to survive in their application. It is a difficult application with high heat and thermal expansion cycles that can exceed 20,000 per year. They expect their gaskets to last five years.

After learning more about the types of issues they were having, we suggested our HT 337 and HT 514. Both provide high temperature sealing capability, and both have been found to be more durable than the previous graphite.

How products performed

The customer tested both materials and found they both were acceptable replacements for their current material in the application. The HT 337 is used in standard units, while the HT 514 is used in specialty units with higher heat levels.

Results, return on investment, and future plans

Both the HT 337 and HT 514 have been working flawlessly since being incorporated into the design. Further testing shows that the gaskets will exceed the requirement of needing to last for five years. Our engineering team is always ready to troubleshoot your next problem or new application needs. Contact us today to discuss what you need.

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