Alternative materials selection

Customer information

Metal Tech Industries was contacted by a company that specializes in heavy duty diesel engines for agricultural applications. An employee in their emissions testing program was in search of a gasket material that would pass their test cycle.

Challenges & recommendation

The lab had been using a competitor’s basic graphite tang core material. Lab personnel found that the graphite was oxidizing away and the gaskets were failing throughout the test cycle. The picture below shows the failed material after being tested for 60 hours at 600°C. We were contacted for assistance because the customer learned that we provide several options for high-temperature seal points. Through conversations with lab personnel, we learned about the temperature of the application, the design of the gasket, as well as the flange design.

mti Engineering recommended two materials to test:

  1. HT 959 – Our anti-oxidant graphite laminate for extended service life under the same conditions as regular graphite.
  2. HT 400 – Our high temperature laminate for exhaust applications with higher oxidation resistance for a longer service life.

How products performed

The customer ran both of these materials through their testing cycle and found that BOTH maintained their integrity and sealed throughout the cycle without degradation.

Results, return on investment, and future plans

Ultimately, it was decided that the HT 400 was an acceptable replacement that provided both improved performance and cost savings (about 20%). If you have an application that you struggle to find a gasket that holds up to the performance requirements, contact us today!

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