There appears to be a number of gasket materials which are similar. How do I choose between them?

It is helpful if some of the basic performance requirements are known, such as: temperature, media being sealed, location of sealing joint, and any specific requirements or call-outs which must be met. Our staff can help you sort through your requirements and provide additional information which will make the selection process easier.

What is a starburst core, and when would I use it?

The starburst core refers to the tang formation created when the metal core is pierced. The result is a column-shaped protrusion which is quite durable. This type of tang is ideally suited to withstand environments which are subject to scrubbing, vibration, or flange movement due to rapid heating cycles or dissimilar metals at the seal point. This core style makes up our HT (Hi-Tex) and AR (Armor) product lines. Starburst core is the preferred choice for hot gas (exhaust) and other heavy duty gasket applications. It provides the radial strength and durability needed for high and extreme applications.

What is Corseal core, and when would I use it?

Corseal is our smaller rectangular tang formation which provides nearly twice the number of bonding points per square inch as our starburst technology. This configuration allows for a softer crush at bolt up and is ideally suited for narrow wall and tight geometric configurations. Corseal technology is industry proven for gaskets such as cylinder head, intake and other lower load applications.

What is Surbond, and when would I use it?

Surbond is our solid core technology, which uses a proprietary adhesive system to bond the facing material to the steel. A solid steel core does not have any holes which could become leak paths, making this style well suited for fluid sealing applications. Surbond is often used in fuel, oil and water pump gaskets, and will service many other applications which are not exposed to higher temperatures.

How do I get additional technical information?

Product series comparisons are available here. Specification sheets and SDS information are also available upon request. Contact our office at +1 (641) 648-5165 or email with your specific document needs.

How do I get information regarding the cost of material?

Our personalized quoting is fast and easy. Metal Tech Industries strives to provide quotations quickly. Unique or custom situations may take a little longer, but all inquiries will be handled quickly and professionally.

How do I request a gasket material sample?

Samples are available to assist you in your selection and prototyping processes by calling our office at +1 (641) 648-5165 or by emailing

What is the lead time from purchase to ship date?

For most standard sheet and coil orders, mti is able to ship in 2-3 weeks. Specialized materials and custom widths may take an additional 2-3 weeks, although we are often able to ship in less time. Short quantity sheet configurations are usually available for same day or next day shipment.

What if I need the gasket material right away?

mti keeps shelf stock for our most popular materials in sheet form, and these are usually able to ship within 48 hours. Call +1 (641) 648-5165 for product availability when you have immediate needs.

What sizes are available?

Depending on the specific product line, our standard offering is 24″ wide by 39.4″ long. Custom sizes are available, but require minimum purchase volumes. We would be happy to discuss your specific application and fabrication requirements.

Can I get gasket material in coil form?

Yes, a majority of our products are available in coil form, 24″ wide by 500′ in length. Custom widths are available as well. We would be happy to discuss your specific application and fabrication requirements.

I have a unique application which may require custom material. Can you help us with this?

Yes! We welcome the next challenge from the marketplace and function as strategic partners with many of our customers. mti is continually creating new materials and has a number of custom products in addition to our standard line. Call +1 (641) 648-5165 to discuss how we can solve your sealing challenges and become part of your solution.

Can you ship small packages?

Yes, by FedEx using your account, or our account with cost prepaid and added to your invoice. UPS is also available using your account with a $4.85 handling fee added to your invoice.

What truck line do you ship with?

Orders weighing approximately 100 pounds or more generally ship by the carrier of your choice. We also offer the ability to ship using one of our preferred carriers, allowing you to take advantage of our negotiated discounts. The charges are then added to your invoice. Many of our customers find they are able to save a substantial amount of time and money on their freight costs by having Metal Tech Industries negotiate the best rate.

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