Finding a material that will survive

Customer information

Metal Tech Industries was contacted by a U.S. automotive manufacturer who happened to already be a current customer.

Challenges & recommendation

This customer has been using HT 400 successfully for years in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) gaskets. They had a new application, and they tried the HT 400 because it has always worked for them, but they started experiencing heat related issues. Further investigation found that because this was a turbo diesel unit, the exhaust temperatures were running >100° higher than initially expected. This temperature exposure presented the need for a higher temperature material.

Since this customer uses the HT 400 with success, they came to us and wanted to evaluate what else we offered for extreme temperatures. We recommended the HT 514, our newest extreme temperature composite. This product is rated to over 1900°F (1050°C). This robust material will withstand the heat without degradation while maintaining a seal.

How product performed

The HT 514 passed initial testing, validation testing and is now in production with no issues. This application represents a good case study where a specific material is required to address extreme conditions.

Results, return on investment, and future plans

Our customer now has a gasket that can withstand the heat and successfully seals in the application. If you have a high or extreme heat application that you struggle to find a suitable gasket material for, please contact our engineering team to discuss your issues. We have many different materials that can withstand various conditions in your application.

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