Performance Racing Industry: “Gaskets, Seals & Sealants: Secure Your Share Of Sales”

Contributor Ilona French describes the usage and misconceptions of gaskets, seals, and sealants used in the racing industry. This includes an interview by Steve Henry from MTI.

Performance Racing Industry: “Sticky Solutions-How To Sell Gaskets, Seals & Sealants”

Contributor John F. Katz goes over the various sealing technologies used in racing engines, including a gasket material perspective from MTI’s very own Steve Henry.

Performance Racing Industry: “Secure Sales Of Race-Grade Gaskets, Seals & Sealants”

Steve Henry does another interview for Ilona French. Her article describes racing industry sealing trends, racing gasket installation errors, and more.

OEM Off-Highway:Metal Tech HT 514 Composite Gasket Material”

Metal Tech Industries’ HT 514 composite gasket material is capable of withstanding high heat, making it well-suited for use in exhaust and aftertreatment systems.

SAE: “Gaskets for Extreme Exhaust Test Applications 2015-01-1740″

Kelsie S. Richmond and Russell Richmond from SGS Commercial Aging Services LLC, David Belton from General Motors Co, and Steve Henry from Metal Tech Industries share their expertise on which gaskets and gasket materials perform the best in exhaust test applications in a SAE technical paper.

The Gasket Fabricator: “A High Performance Solution to an Extremely Hot Problem”

Today’s engine environments continue to get hotter and hotter. Demands for efficiency and emission control are driving this. Read more on page 13!