The Metal Tech “Corseal” series features a rectangular perforation pattern. This pattern has nearly twice the perforations per square inch as the starburst pattern, providing more contact points to grip the facing. It should be used for gaskets where land area is tight to be sure that there is a bond point in the cross section. This core also compresses at lower loads resulting in approximately 10% more compressibility over the same facing on the Hi-Tex core. This is advantageous when designing head gaskets or other critical fluid sealing gaskets. This core technology is commonly used for head gaskets, intake gaskets, engine fluid gaskets, cover gaskets, and general industrial flange gaskets.


CS 253 – Economy graphite

Provides an economical solution where graphite gasketing is required.

CS 920 – Proven domestic graphite

An excellent all-around sealing material typically used for engine head and exhaust gaskets. industrial flange gaskets, along with numerous others.

CS 980 – Oxidation-resistant graphite

Recommended for OEM exhaust flange gasket applications, cylinder head gaskets, and other performance driven uses.

High temperature fiber

CS 365 – General purpose

Wide range of performance while providing economical benefit for the user where costs are critical.

CS 794 – Performance fiber

High performance material with excellent thermal properties, sealability, and fluid resistance for use in head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, and other sealing applications.

CS 830 – Durable graphite blend

Universal material that can be used in a variety of applications including: sealing intake and exhaust, cylinder heads, high pressure/temperature engine ports, and high performance turbo charger environments in engines from large diesels to lawn and garden uses.

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