The Metal Tech Armor series of products consist of perforated metal outer layers applied mechanically to one or both sides of a compressible center layer material. Available with carbon or stainless steel, the high strength steel outer layer protects the inner sealing layer for long term performance. Armor is typically used in robust, high temperature applications where scrubbing due to thermal expansion is a concern. Based on your application needs, Armor can withstand or dissipate extreme heat. These products can be considered for designing both gaskets and heat shielding.

AR 400 – Vermiculite fiber core

Protection for long-term performance and durability where fretting, scrubbing, and flange motion is a concern, thermally insulative for shielding applications.

AR 897 – High temp fiber core

Rated to over 1900°F, features a rock-wool based center layer for thermal resistance, withstands extreme conditions where other materials break down.

AR 925 – Oxidation-resistant graphite core

Moves heat away from hot spots to reduce the chances of oxidation and burnout in hot joints, recommended for use in high performance exhaust manifold applications and other extreme uses, provides heat management due to the thermal conductivity of the graphite core.

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CorsealCorseal (CS)

Corseal features a rectangular perforation pattern that has nearly twice the perforations per square inch as the starburst pattern.

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Hi-TexHi-Tex (HT)

The Metal Tech Hi-Tex series features our specially designed starburst core tang technology, providing excellent load retention and crush resistance.

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SurbondSurbond (SB)

Surbond is Metal Tech‘s solid core laminate series. It features a thermal-set, adhesively-bonded laminate with excellent resistance to many fluids.

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TechCoatTechCoat (TC)

TechCoat is a specialty coating series for improved gasket performance. It is available for use in spray and roll coat applications.

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Heat ShieldHeat Shields

Our gasket materials withstand high temps and the rigors or sealing joints in exhaust systems. Some products can shield and insulate heat, and others can transmit and manage heat.

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