The Metal Tech “Hi-Tex” series features our specially designed “starburst” core tang technology. This robust metal core, available in carbon or stainless steel, provides optimum strength for the laminate in the most demanding applications. The starburst pattern provides 3-4 contact points around the tang and a columnar shape, providing excellent load retention and crush resistance. This technology is best used for high temperature or high load applications such as engine exhaust systems, where sufficient flange loading is available and load retention is required. Generally, the grades in this series are designed for applications such as exhaust manifolds, turbocharger applications, exhaust system gaskets, head gaskets, general industrial flange applications, etc.


HT 142 – Economy graphite

Provides an economical solution where graphite gasketing is required.

HT 908 – Proven domestic graphite

An excellent all-around sealing material typically used for engine cylinder head and exhaust gaskets. industrial flange gaskets, along with numerous others.

HT 959 – Oxidation-resistant graphite

Recommended for OEM exhaust flange gasket applications and other performance-driven uses that require long-life sealing.

High temperature fiber

HT 654 – General purpose

Wide range of performance for economy exhaust applications.

HT 337 – Durable graphite/fiber blend

Universal material that can be used in a variety of applications including: sealing intake and exhaust, cylinder heads, high pressure/temperature engine ports, and high performance turbo charger environments in engines from large diesels to lawn and garden uses.

HT 400 – Vermiculite fiber

Generally used for engine exhaust gaskets in various applications: manifolds, exhaust systems, EGR gaskets, diesel exhaust gaskets, turbochargers, etc. Oxidation threshold higher than graphite!

HT 514 – Extreme temperature performance

Designed for extreme temperatures, withstands environments where other materials fail to survive, features a stainless steel core for long term sealing.

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