“Surbond” is Metal Tech’s solid core laminate series. It features a thermal-set, adhesively-bonded laminate with excellent resistance to many fluids. Bond strength and quality are excellent and a variety of grades are available. Using solid core metal, generally carbon steel, the facing material is chemically bonded in our exclusive process. The result is a robust material for fluid gasket applications. Surbond provides steel reinforcement for rigidity in the fabrication and handling of the gasket as well as long-term performance in the completed joint. Additional stiffness provided by the metal core makes a good gasket even better.

Solid metal core

SB 448 – Multi-purpose fluid resistance

Offers outstanding resistance to water, coolant, oil and fuels.

SB 582 – Performance laminate on solid core

High density, high rubber content facing for excellent performance in tough environments, solid core version of the SB 590 product.

SB 643 – Versatile performer

Universal material that can be used in a variety of applications, provides excellent sealability and conformance to flanges; available in six thicknesses.

SB 643-AL – Aluminum core

Excellent performance and six thicknesses available with solid aluminum core for a corrosion resistant option, particularly suited for marine applications.

SB 922 – Proven domestic graphite

Ideal choice where long service life is essential to reduce down time and replacement is difficult, used when flange load is less than tang core applications and good conformance is needed.

Expanded metal core

SB 590 – High density, high performance

Offers excellent fluid resistance and withstands flange movement, outstanding recovery to retain torque loads during scrubbing and vibration, recommended for use in fluid sealing applications.

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