Metal Tech Industries has many years of experience working in high-temperature applications. Our gasket materials withstand high temps and the rigors of sealing joints in exhaust systems. With that background, a natural progression is heat shielding and thermal management. MTI has developed a variety of material constructions for thermal management applications, some that shield and insulate heat, while others transmit and manage heat to reduce hot spots.

MTI can provide sheet products which can be used as shielding alone, or finished, formed shields custom-designed and manufactured for a specific application. For more information about heat shields, email!

Three-layer laminated sheets

TP 210 – Fiber-metal-fiber

Applications: Can be used as exhaust gasket/shield in one piece.

TP 250 – Metal-fiber-metal

Applications: Can be used as stand-alone shielding.

AR 684 – Metal composite

Applications: Thermal management, noise reduction, NVH.

Embossed metal sheets

TP 540 – Embossed stainless

Applications: Protective layer in high heat shields.

TP 545 – Embossed aluminum

Applications: May be hand-formed into simple heat shields.