Today we’re going to talk about sealing gases. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with how to select a proper gasket material to get the job done. Yes, there are things you need to know. No, it’s not impossible to figure out. However, you need to know what you’re doing, or work with someone that does in order to get it right. We’ve listed some of the important things to pay attention to when sealing gases to get you going down the right path.

What You Need To Know

1. What type of gas are you sealing? (i.e. exhaust gases? diesel?)

Different gases present different challenges due to the variation in properties. Depending on what you are trying to seal, you may need to select alternate materials.

2. Is it a corrosive environment? (i.e. urea present?)

If so, it may require stainless steel reinforcement to withstand the corrosivity. Other materials probably won’t survive.

3. What temperature will the joint see? Is there expansion/contraction present?

These answers will determine the materials where you should focus your effort. When dealing with gases, you will routinely see temperatures higher than 1000°F, making some types of materials inadequate. If you are seeing expansion/contraction, you’ll need to select a material that can withstand the changing conditions and still maintain the seal.

4. What type of design life are you designing for? Is this gasket being designed based on price or performance?

As with every design, knowing what the ultimate goal is will help your gasket material supplier suggest a material for you. If price is the driving factor and performance is secondary, you will most likely end up using a different material than if performance was the most important and the price was no object.

Make Your Selection

As you can see, narrowing down your gasket material selection in order to seal gases can be pretty straightforward if you know what questions to ask. There are a lot of materials out there that are worth your time to investigate. Talk to your trusted gasket material supplier to discuss your options and make the best choice for your application.

What are the biggest problems you face when trying to seal gases?

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