Armor product comparison

Perforated metal outer layers applied mechanically to one or both sides.

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Hi-Tex product comparison

“Starburst” core tang technology with a robust metal core.

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Embossed metal sheet product comparison

Meeting heat-shielding, thermal management, or noise reduction needs.

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TechCoat product comparison

Specialty coatings for improved gasket performance.

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Diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment systems

The best gasket materials for diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment systems.

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MTI overview

For more company and product information about Metal Tech Industries.

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Cutting service information

A simple and easy way to save time and cutting expenses. Used to cut metal-reinforced gasket materials only.

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Corseal product comparison

Rectangular perforation pattern with nearly twice the perforations per square inch as the starburst one.

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Surbond product comparison

Thermal-set, adhesively-bonded laminate with fluid resistance.

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Formed shield product comparison

Heat considerations while pondering cost, noise, overall performance, and more.

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Request a call from MTI

To have us call you to provide you more information.

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Natural gas solutions

Which products work best in natural gas solutions and for intake manifolds and exhaust.

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